Die My Dear? Why That’s the Last Thing I’ll Do.

Posted By on March 24, 2009


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  1. Pootz says:

    I am absolutely fascinated by the stories you tell Randy and their subjects. This post in particular brought me to tears as I was laughing out loud. Actually belly laughing which is a rare thing for me! Ryszard has managed to touch MY life thanks to you and to Diana and I feel honored by it. The gif is stunning and brought me to tears again.

    I feel compelled to make a confession of sorts. It is probably no surprise to you that you are a very dynamic individual. Upon first meeting you my impression was of a rather arrogant and even cold man. I now think my impression was more about me than you. I now think that your presence, your confidence and disregard for judgement left me feeling insecure which is why I found you cold and arrogant. I quite simply didn't understand you. I still don't! 🙂 But now, having been invited ( and I do feel that by providing your blog to me I was invited) to browse through some of your very intimate experiences you share here I find you are a remarkable man.

    While you never do get a second chance to make a first impression…I am grateful and honored that I was given the opportunity to correct my impression of you.

    I don't understand A LOT of your posts here, they are way over my head! You are also smart, very smart like Diana. You are also kind, passionate, generous, curious and participate in life in a way I envy. Your energy and obvious fascination and respect for your world and relationships are qualities rarely seen. Your ability to compose and share them is a gift and a talent which I am eternally grateful for.

    You are living a blessed life, not by accident but by being truly deserving of it.

    And I am forever a LFM JUNKIE!

  2. Randy says:

    Dear Pootz the LFM Junkie,

    The cup I usually drink my tea out of has an imprint on it that reads, “If your dog thinks you’re the greatest, don’t seek a second opinion.” Even so, yours was well presented, clearly heartfelt, gutsy in content, and appreciated – and not simply because it was slanted more than a little in my favour. You are also one of the most literate people Diana and I know. You write extremely well and should resist all compulsions to keep your thoughts to yourself, whether they’re favourable or not.

    When I show up at someone’s door their dogs always understand me a lot faster than their humans do. Never fear though; you are now a MUCH better dog than you were when I met you, a statement I know you will accept as being as far from an insult as it is possible to get.


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  5. Lynda Naugler says:

    OMG ~ I am having difficutly posting this comment through the tears. What an outstanding memorial to your FIL. Viewing the photos of him and his family, it is VERY evident that he was proud of his family..not just by their accomplishments, but by everything they were. You have done him proud being the husband you are to Diana, your darling beloved, and I am sure that somewhere as the wings of eagles span, he is there watching over you both. Thanks for sharing the most amazing short stories about Ryszard.

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