Dark Sentiments 2012 – Day 7: Grief

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  1. NotoriousRoscoe says:

    Sorry, pal. The words “humor” and “grief” have no place in the same article. I call FAIL because I don’t post obscenities.

    • Randy says:

      Well you know Roscoe, the series is called “Dark Sentiments” for a reason. I find it interesting that past articles here have concerned themselves with such subjects as cannibalism, creating memorabilia by photographing the dead, genocide, demonic killing and ongoing torture of children – even torture in an erotic context; but it took seeing the words “grief” and “humour” together in the same article to get you up on your hind legs. I’m inclined to conclude that you don’t apply the same definition to “obscenity” that I do. Maybe I’m limiting myself by sticking so strictly to what lies within the covers of my OED.

      What concerns me is that you would have hit “grief” in the title, and then “humour” in the first sentence, and then branded the entire piece obscene on that basis. Did you read the rest of it, including the article from which the offending quotation was extracted? If not, please go and do that because the quotation was from an article I wrote a while back in memory of my Esteemed Father in Law, and I would take umbrage with any intimation of obscenity in that regard.

      What’s really ironic here though is that, while proof reading this piece, I almost deleted the first sentence of the offending quotation because I felt its reference to humour was a bit out of context with the tone of the article. In the end I decided to leave it in and quote the two relevant paragraphs in their entirety. Now, thanks to you, I can’t have any second thoughts because editing it at this point would cast your eloquent comment into irrelevance and leave all my other readers with the suspicion that you didn’t get my point. Valuing all input from my readership as I do, I’m sure you will appreciate that I won’t allow that to happen.

      Thank you for your comment.

    • Diana says:

      Well “pal”, people work their way through grief in different ways. Who are you to say doing so with humour is wrong?? And obscene?!? I would ask if you were joking, but judging by your comment, lack of humour is pretty evident.

      I invite you to visit this very obscene (according to your definition) site, and perhaps learn how humour can help people deal with all sorts of issues. Provided you have a sense of humour to begin with.

  2. Gary Carbone says:

    “Species be damned, grief is grief.”So true so true Randy. I have seen and felt my share of grief as well and I say grief and humor are words that go together well. If humor does not eventually take its place in one’s soul, then grief would never ease up. And a person who never stops grieving is a coward. And self important.

    So thanks for a beautifully written article and some food for thought.

  3. Silvia Jay says:

    I, too, believe that grief and humour can go together, or at least that it is not obscene mentioned in the same article. Grief isn’t a static emotion, but peppered with all kinds of other: anger, fear, despair, love – especially love, and also humour.
    What really stood out for me in this post is the mention of people “grieving” for someone(s) they have had no relationship with. This also annoys the heck out of me. Not a day media doesn’t remind us to commemorate one or the other event and call us to collectively dissolve in the drama, and it baffles me how many folks follow the call. Then again, one receives so much social attention when grieving, even if it’s just crocodile tears.

    • Randy says:

      “Therefore the LORD, the God of hosts, the Lord, saith thus; Wailing shall be in all streets; and they shall say in all the highways, Alas! alas! and they shall call the husbandman to mourning, and such as are skilful of lamentation to wailing.” ~ Amos 5:16 (King James Bible – Cambridge Ed.)

      Yes, in Biblical times you could actually hire professional mourners, and even choose that as a profession of your own. Mayhap all these sappy attention whores we encounter everywhere are missing out on a business opportunity – at least until a “reality show” offer comes their way.

  4. Well done Randy , Diana I know how you embrace life with friends of a number of species , proud to be one of them.

  5. Thanks for this one Randy, I buried our cat last week and found it to be one of the hardest things to do….this story helped cope with the grief….humour and grief do, indeed, walk hand in hand.

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