Dark Sentiments Season 8 — Day 30: Severance

Posted By on October 30, 2017


2 Responses to “Dark Sentiments Season 8 — Day 30: Severance”

  1. El Hansh says:

    ‘Ownership of bad outcomes.’ As I get older and certainly more confused as to whether or not, wiser, I wonder, with more consternation, the notion of personal responsibility for the denouement of life’s obnoxious absurdities. Am I really as stupid as the outcomes of my life decisions have proclaimed me to be? Or, is it all aleatory, karmic, or just some sort of dumb luck, pro or con in the best of cases and as Shakespeare would suggest, much ado about nothing. Really amused by all of the idiocy rampant in the most profound terror trip of all: life. All of the entrapments we conjure up and use to justify this, that, and the other. Apparently, marijuana, absinthe, etc., was put here for a damn good reason. Certainly, Green Chartreuse and let’s hear it for the Carthusian monks, bless their souls. (chuckle, chuckle, chuckle.)

  2. El Hansh says:

    And, while we are on that subject, where the fuck is the ‘Magic Lady?’

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