Dark Sentiments Season 7 – Day 23: Exit Music

Posted By on October 23, 2016


3 Responses to “Dark Sentiments Season 7 – Day 23: Exit Music”

  1. Steve says:

    Gregorian chants revisited. Nice video by Allen

  2. julian says:

    Only tonight have I seen this and the irony is rich and deep. I have suffered the early stages of another heart attack during the night; and a dear precious friend Sandy Ballard, a lifelong animal rescuer, a key part of our TEARS rescue group and the ‘mother’ for 14 rescued dogs, passed away from cancer and sepsis in the last hour. I am able to sit up for a few minutes and saw this. Please share a prayer and thought for Sandy. I believe I will survive my own event, but if not, then my love and blessings to all.

    • Randy says:

      Of all things for you to find in this critical moment. We Truly hope it brings you comfort, and rest in the belief that the finding was no accident.

      Love and blessings in return my Friend.

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