Dark Sentiments Season 11 — Day 29: Accomplished Notwithstanding

Posted By on October 29, 2020


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  1. hanshi says:

    This offering is certainly one of the more illuminating LFM’s to date.
    Aware of Kipling as a matter of course was interesting enough, however the Goode (sic) Evelyn Wood is one of the more intriguing personages of merit. Had no idea that he was the Wood of Isandlwana, Roark’s Drift, etal. Quite a life, indeed,although he was afflicted from birth with all kinds of weirdness including a nail in his chest, an attack by a giraffe… his accomplishments are more than celebratory.
    Now here is an icon worth emulating regardless of infirmities.
    Huzzah, LFM, Huzzah

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