Dark Sentiments 2014 – Day 28: Darkness – Literally.

Posted By on October 28, 2014


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  1. Jay Heathman says:

    Spent a few nights with an old friend many years ago, a friend who lived with, and cared for, his aged Grandmother. Totally rural. Lights inside, but no indoor plumbing, just a sink to wash dishes. Canvas bag hanging outdoors for shower. Ancient outhouse for eliminatory functions. First night there, needed to go relieve myself and the friend gave me a flashlight and urged caution as the path to the distant outhouse was made of a number of cement blocks as stepping stones to avoid wet feet when the rains came. Gingerly made my way with the flickering yellow beam barely casting enough glow to see. Reached the outhouse and turned the big wooden peg that kept the door shut. Opened the creaky wooden door. Suddenly i was engulfed in (1) darkness, (2) a horrible series of unidentifiable sounds and the beating of the air all around me, and (3) several mildly buffeting blows against my head and body in the dark. When I shook the flashlight and gained a bit of light I saw that I was surrounded by about 20 chickens! My friend forget to tell me that the chickens roosted in the low trees and that they kept the 50 pound sack of chicken feed secured in the outhouse so no critters would get it. So when our featherd friends heard the door open, they assumed with the proper Pavlovian response, that a kind sould had come to feed them at a special time! I did throw a few handsful out so the poor creatures wouldn't have wasted their efforts, but I suddenly did not need to relieve myself. Golden memories. So to speak.

    • Randy says:

      I’m truly sorry it’s taken me this long to acknowledge, let alone reply, to this. It’s just that every time I reread it, it becomes impossible to type.

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