Cui Bono?

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  1. Hansh says:

    Your article is right on the button. Some time back, I had a weekly newsletter The Kaufman Letter
    No. 16– Tuesday, December 18, 2001
    Stephen F. Kaufman

    “When a man aspires to greatness he must inevitably use cruelty to attain his ends. Cruelty must be wisely applied and not to use cruelty indicates a true lack of purpose. The proper use of cruelty can be used to turn defeat into victory and the intelligent application of it explains things to others without the need for debate. To indicate your expected behavior from subjects, the possibility of severe punishment must be in their consciousness. Mental cruelty, if not properly dispensed, can provide an enemy with an avenue of retaliation. The development of his previously unknown character traits can help him to depose you.”(Shogun Scrolls, pg. 16)

    In This Letter
    1 –India and Pakistan and China
    2 –China Redux
    3 – The Need for a Devil
    4 – The Curious Paranoia of Airflight is Real

    China Redux
    If you have been following my letter for any period of time you will know that I don’t trust the Chinese. As far as I am concerned, they are just laying back and counting our guns. However, now that Bush is talking of increased ABM tests, and Russia is saying they are a bit disturbed by this but will maintain relations with us, China is already beefing up their arsenal in the event of a inevitable confrontation. But, they will wait, as Sun Tzu says they should, until the enemy, US, is so involved with other matters that they can simply walk in and take over. (I wonder if there are Chinese terrorist organizations associated with al Qaeda? Naïve question? No, rhetorical.)

    Keep in mind that the Chinese do not think like Americans and merely tolerate the Judeo-Christian ethic. The Chinese are, however, limited by Taoist and Confucian thinking mixed with an obvious envy of Western materialism and while their value of life is slightly above that of the Arabs they also maintain a heavy communist agenda, more than the Russians ever did. As well, China is suffering from a major AIDS epidemic and they seem reluctant to do anything about it, except accept drugs from the United States. (We’re such good people.) In this instance I say give them the drugs but only after the Americans have been inoculated against anthrax and other diseases. The main thing that China will have to consider before doing something stupid and getting blown off the planet is the Chinese economy, which is something that Sun Tzu probably wouldn’t understand because he was never in the T-shirt or chachka business. And don’t let the wispy beards that suggest a higher wisdom fool you. They are just as jive as everyone else even with their tai chi and yarrow stalks.

  2. Hansh says:

    I opened each “:Letter” with a quote from one of my books as well and If I may suggest the timeliness of inclusion to this response as well.

    I always maintained the position that china had been given the keys to our soul when we started manifesting incredible greed

    I am in favor of capitalism and free trade but not at the cost of our ‘self’

    We should talk about this

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