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2 Responses to “Courage”

  1. Gary M Carbone says:

    Nice tribute to your Dad. Although my Dad came from a different environment, I can see the similarities, so far as the profound effect they had on us.

  2. David Afford says:

    Nice tribute to your Dad, or a wrench as I knew him.. Although quite an age difference existed between us, we got along quite well and often worked together. A few times, happy times but with only small compensation, we worked in that entertainment atmosphere that brought us. Into the presence of such celebrities as yes, Joan Bielefeld, Judy Collins, Ian and Sylvia and the like. Names from that past no doubt but big stars at the time.
    My father got the chance to see you and your sister start to grow up. He enjoyed your company in the back yard and often talked fondly about the two of you. Bothe my mom and dad enjoyed evening get to gethers with Evelyn and Lawrence. Yoou Dad could do the best imitation of Hank Snow that I have ever heard by the way.

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