A Long Winter’s Night – Hunter’s Soul

Posted By on December 27, 2012


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  1. Bob Wolters says:

    This is cool…

  2. Gary Carbone says:

    Immortalized in poetry, wow– Bo has certainly come a long way. Abandoned in the woods, 2 weeks in the dog shelter, and now getting his due recognition! Well, I have always really enjoyed our walks, especially in the woods. But now I can appreciate the experience on another level, thanks to “Hunter’s Soul”.

    • Randy says:

      All Dogs have poetry in them, and the ones that truly touch my life have the magickal ability to bring my own poetry out of me. Those few and treasured people who have the same effect are the ones who end up on my Esteemed Friends list, which means they have, to my mind, ascended to the the level of Doghood.

  3. Silvia Jay says:

    ” A Dog can learn self-control, but it cannot ever be what it is not…” Fabulous!
    Humans that try crush Dogs’ soul.

  4. love the header/banner picture
    seems like an intriguing animal rights outfitting ad 😀
    gives me a funny sense of accomplishment that I know the “stars of the blog”
    dogs Will be dogs!!!!!

  5. […] As far as a Dog is concerned, every foray into the world outside the household door is a hunt to be engaged in as the nature of its breed dictates, and in this it will operate in the certainty that the handler is at one with the objectives of the mission. To fight this instead of becoming a part of it causes confusion in the Dog, and mutual frustration of both the Dog and handler alike. In short, it removes all Natural joy from the situation, and thus, all fulfillment. A Dog can learn self-control, but it cannot ever be what it is not, and so it falls to the handler to ensure that the vital elements of joy and fulfillment remain while the limits to self-control are mutually and realistically explored. ~ A Long Winter’s Night – Hunter’s Soul […]

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