A Long Winter’s Night — Ascent to Spring Edition: The Myth of Equality

Posted By on February 10, 2019


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  1. Julian Harper says:

    Hello my friend – have not been able to be on FB so have not kept up with yoru excellent posts – just saw this and was able to sit up long enough to appreciate this one – your thoughts are totally in line with one of my heroes, Dr, Jordan Peterson, and I will be surprised if you are not a follower of his incredible videos, podcasts and books. I have enjoyed his lectures more in the last year, than I did in all my years of studies in philosophy and psychology. BTW I wanted to give you an update – you may know that I was near death a little over a week ago; my oxygen sat levels were just above the ‘critical’ life threatening level (60s) and I was unable to walk more than a few feet without sitting or sort of collapsing for a while. I was driven to the ER and given oxygen, steroids and antibiotics. I am able to walk through the house now if I don’t move too fast and carry my little inhaler or my small nebulizer with me I am OK. So I am improving slowly. Just started my second – and hopefully last! – round of a different antibiotic. I have not been online, or up to talking on the phone due to being short of breath but again, that is improving. Mostly I am just sleepy and still rather weak, and still coughing but I know it takes longer to recover from things when we are older. So I am happy to be as well off as I am. Hoping you are all doing well there. All the best, j

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