Grohmann Knives – A Constructive Criticism of Customer Service

Posted By on June 5, 2016


2 Responses to “Grohmann Knives – A Constructive Criticism of Customer Service”

  1. "Yes, you can purchase just the knife blade without handles. If it is the #4 survival knife with flat grind, carbon steel the retail price is $89.75."
    I'm not sure how much clearer that can be. You have it in writing, the exact item you want, in carbon steel, with flat grind.

    If Melody made an error in telling you how much it was (and I can't help but feel you're being ripped off to compensate for the mistake they made when they made the wrong knives), their response SHOULD have been "We will honour the written quotation for the two knives you had originally ordered BECAUSE IT WAS OUR MISTAKE, but any more will need to be charged at our custom knife price".
    THAT would have been the professional thing to do.

  2. Jay Heathman says:

    you Canadians really ARE that nice…you kept an even temper. But I myself would never deal with that company if that is their standard of behavior. Or behaviour, as you wish. Why bother when there are companies that will go out of their way to work with their clientele.

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