Stupid Is as Stupid Sees

Posted By on April 18, 2015


3 Responses to “Stupid Is as Stupid Sees”

  1. Jay Heathman says:

    Hilarious!!! A perfect example, i.e., baby and bath. I had hoped, in my studiously cultivated naivete, that you were perhaps spared the presence of such cretins in your part of the world but alas! As you pointed out (!) it is intent that determines the use of a neutral object. When i was a wee lad, my father and I were in a Sears Roebuck store and in those days there were frequent in-store demonstrations of products. A fellow had completed the demo of a new ultra lightweight chainsaw to be used for limbing and other small jobs. As he left the area, and the little saw remained on a display stand, a normal looking fellow next to us nodded at the surrounding crowd, smiled and said, "I bet you could really carve up a bunch of those dimwits before they could stop you!"

  2. Randy, as usual my hat is off to you, not only for your well reasoned argument, but for putting a smile on my face in the telling.

  3. Oh my dear Friend Jay, home grown cretins ABOUND here, with no mass die offs evident among their number; the harsh Winter just passed notwithstanding.

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