Never a Dull Moment

Posted By on September 10, 2011


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  1. Jim Keating says:

    Wow and WOW again Randy!
    That was down right awesome! Beautifully put together!
    Your wordsmithing, that creation of words which flow smoothly and that carry the weight of the ages behind them was magnificent. This, my budding Rudyard Kipling is destined to be a classic of the cutlery kind! Much akin to the “Iron, cold Iron is master of them all” epic that I am so fond of. Your verses are a battlecry to sanity and to the sane. Bravo amigo, BRAVO!
    A link on me page is due for this gem, say the ever popular Monday edition…
    Many thanx for your efforts and insights Randy!

    • Randy says:

      Jim, you’ve posted my articles on MAAJAK World many times over the years, and we’ve privately compared sensibilities, but to have my poem entice you to make such a glowing comment here is priceless.

      By the way, from the last two verses I’ve crafted a toast I invite you and all to use:

      Take heart my sharp hearties,
      And stand now your ground.
      Let no lie go unchallenged,
      Let but Truth now resound.

      In the end, Truth will win
      And we’ll drink in the lull,
      To moments and wits
      That will never be dull!

  2. Peter says:

    Done with elegance of an ancient court .
    Men who live by a code of honor ,..and sometimes die for the same truly understand your words .
    I know you put your blades to test and carry with the utmost confidence . We accept nothing that is not worthy of protecting our honor and those in our circle of care .A pretty thing on a shelf is just that .
    To be called a sheep dog is only possible with a mind set first ,then a sharp blade . I know I can count on yours and your partner in arms . Salute !!

    I look forward to the next time we cross swords and tell tall tales over a flagon of scotch.

  3. Val Oakley says:

    wonderful words Randy!
    And to your friend Peter, Hey women live by code of honour too and often die …..I’m just saying…

    • Randy says:

      Oh, you’re preaching to the choir here Val. Actually, I figured this item might appeal to you. Your prowess with the machete is legendary.

  4. […] So now, let’s take a step back and look at all this from a slightly different perspective. Not everyone in times past had possession of a sword or the skill to use it, even as this is true in today’s world. Even as today, not everyone has possession of a firearm for any reason, let alone personal defense. But there is one thing that was, and still is, universally found in most homes throughout the land – the knife. Such a mundane thing that everyone will need to learn the use of. A carving knife for the Thanksgiving Turkey, a serrated knife for slicing bread, and a paring knife for all those niggling little kitchen chores that call for a small, sharp, and agile blade. If you hunt, camp, or hike, you will carry a knife of some kind along with the obligation to know how to use and maintain it safely and properly. The knife is used and respected everywhere … but unlike the sword, somehow loses this status when it enters the realm of combat. Rather than a valid tool of defense against evil and injustice, it becomes the vile weapon of the brigand, the bully, the thug, the assassin, the cutthroat, and the thief in the night. The “coward” in a movie western who “pulls a knife” on the hero when he starts thinking he’s losing to him in a “fair” fight. But this is more flawed perception and fanciful imagining than truth. You see, the length of the blade is of no consequence. Only the intention and its attendant Art hold sway. […]

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