Worldly Wisdom Wednesday – Teachers

Posted By on June 26, 2013


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  1. Gary Carbone says:

    The greatest teachers I have had were known by the following names: Mr. Chen, James, Bill, etc. Those known as “master”, “grand master”, etc.–they may or may not be what they say. The question is: why do they feel the need to say it?

    • Randy says:

      In more traditional university education, I remember a time in my misguided youth when the number of letters that followed someone’s name impressed me. That left me along the way, and a long time ago. One can call himself what he wants for his own reasons, but in Truth, only substance matters.

  2. Gary Carbone says:

    Oh yes, and to address the students who become masters before they have mastered the basics, I have had a few of those in my years of teaching martial arts. They are memorable by their gigantic flaws, which normally speaking, are a part of all of our paths. The problem is when you bring those huge mistakes with you after deciding that you are ready to teach. For some reason, certain people feel that by becoming martial arts masters, they will be perceived as special. Again, the best ones I have known, while in possession of hard-earned power and skill, did not present themselves as such. The word “comfortable” comes to mind, i.e., it was easy to be around them–no weird energy or judgemental behaviors, just people. Happy people.

    • Randy says:

      OY! As someone whose first language was NOT English once wrote to me, “You have indeed struck the nail upon the top.”

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