The Sword and the Snowflake – Chapter the Third

Posted By on November 3, 2010


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  1. Beulah Stultz Thompson says:

    Hello Randy, I just completed chapters One through Four of “The Sword and the Snowflake” and thoroughly enjoyed them. I would like to help you out, but will only be able to as my memory permits, so it may take some time for that to happen, but I promise to give it some thought over the coming weeks, and we’ll see what I can remember. Some of my earlier memories are quite painful, so I have spent many years trying to forget certain things. But of course there were happy days also in the past. I’ll see what I can do. I know that the things that you would be mostly interested in would be the things that might have prevented Peter ever coming into your life, but I will have to recall all the surrounding
    memories as well. Please be patient with me !!

    Beulah T.

  2. Randy says:


    Thank you for having read my Snowflake thread. Obviously you understand the point of “The Sword and the Snowflake.”.

    Rather than thinking through painful memories so you can write them down, may I suggest an evening of conversation to discuss some family matters on all sides?

    Please let me know here. Diana and I hope for such an occasion of enlightenment.


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