She Brought Me Her Worst Born

Posted By on July 11, 2010


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  1. J.J. Choo says:

    I remember when good old Dusty was dropped off. He was such a fun loving and devilish little pup all rolled into one. I got many kisses from him, it was as if he just couldn’t give enough.
    I recall one of the times that Shadow stopped by she went and ate every morsel of dog food and promptly took one of the biggest dumps I had ever seen in the middle of the office. LOL!
    Ah, those were the days Randy!

  2. Randy says:

    Man, if I only had a buck for every time I wanted to take a huge dump in the middle of that office.

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  4. Gary Carbone says:

    Great story. I swear dogs know and see things that we cannot. They are better than us.

    • Randy says:

      You nailed it Gary. It’s said that, if people were birds, only a very few would be smart enough to be crows. I think something similar can be said of dogs – only a very few people have the sensitivity, the innate decency, and capacity for steadfast loyalty to be dogs.

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