Halifax – This Has to Stop

Posted By on February 17, 2013


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  1. Troy Zwicker says:

    Too bad someone didn't beat the bouncer half to death!

  2. Gary Carbone says:

    Put a moron with more muscle than brains into a position of authority, and this is what happens. Seems these people cannot discern the difference between a silly drunk and a violent predator. The new fad (I sound like an old timer, I guess I am) seems to be these Fight Centers which promote Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Muy Thai boxing and other combinations of “mixed martial arts”, designed to create “fighters”. Sorely missing is the courtesy, respect, humility and honor of the traditional martial arts. For these fans of the Ultimate Fighting styles, it is not enough to neutralize an annoying situation–no, all interaction is approached at 110%. Not to get too philosophical, but these goons are their own worst enemies. Most will burn out by constant firing of their adrenal glands, a setback they will fix with more protein, supplements or whatever brings them back to their state of crazy imbalance. And now the cops are siding with them? What next?

  3. Unfortunately, this is becoming more and more of a common experience. Regardless of where I am at any given instant, I try to maintain some sort of cognizance of my surroundings and even though I do that there is always some asshole in the bar that is trying to instigate a situation. Many of the real troublemakers are on terms with the bouncers and they, the bouncers are dressed in assorted combat gear in the hopeful anticipation that they will be called upon to use their 'skills' to protect their friends. Recently there had been one particular bar that was the mecca for all sorts of clientele that bordered on bedlam. In once instance a bouncer pushed a woman and her companion shoved the bouncer. Two of the bouncers associates jumped into the fracas and beat the boyfriend to death. Verdiict – self defense on the part of the boyfriend. The bouncers were held for manslaughter. So what? The guy is dead. The hiring of morons to protect the interests of the bar owners has recently come under scrutiny and a bill has been proposed to do a thorough background check.

  4. Diana Whynacht says:

    I wouldn't let this go. Too many bouncers are getting away with this type of behaviour.
    It DOES have to stop.

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