Don’t Ever Change

Posted By on September 24, 2008


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  1. […] People knew that for one thing to live, something else must die; and everything dies. They lived closer to death and knew it more intimately. Children were present when livestock were slaughtered and butchered and none of them needed therapy for post traumatic stress disorder because of it. Families packed a picnic lunch and brought it with them to eat at a hanging. At funerals, the corpses of loved ones were routinely laid out for viewing in the family home rather than the staid atmosphere of a funeral parlor. At a wake the deceased was the life of the party. The dead were photographed and their portraits framed for display. […]

  2. […] be revisiting these lines in an upcoming piece on the Memento mori, but their purpose here today is to draw your attention to the setting in which they are uttered […]

  3. […] Memento mori – reminder of mortality – in the form of painted or photographic portraits of the dead, […]

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