Dark Sentiments Season 13 — Day 13: Everybody’s the Villain in Someone’s Story

| October 13, 2022

On the heels of our last foray into the subject of inner monsters, tonight’s Dark Sentiment is about letting it out to play. Based on matters of which I may have some personal acquaintance, albeit not in the form of action but rather a promissory note. I am happy to report that the message was […]

Dark Sentiments Season 13 — Day 12: Monsters Monsters Everywhere, Up Your Bum and In Your Hair

| October 12, 2022

“None are innocent. There are only those weak enough to believe they are, and those strong enough to revel in the knowledge that they are not.” ~ Jacob Strauss, Magus of the Shining Hill, London 1940 “The monster within” has found a lot of traction lately, most eloquently addressed by Dr. Jordan Peterson. Naturally, the […]

Dark Sentiments Season 13 — Day 10: Splat!

| October 10, 2022

“… Human habitations are not an environment apart – they are filters, carefully engineered  to ensure that, insofar as possible, the species that built them can limit access to animals of its own kind or those of other kinds it has invited to be there, and to plants that it wishes to grow there. Humans […]

Dark Sentiments Season 13 — Day 9: Grim Hustle

| October 9, 2022

The “ABOUT” portion of the Grim Hustle YouTube channel says, “We are building a crime based cinematic universe.” Whatever they’re doing, I thoroughly enjoy everything about their short motivational films featuring wisdom and life advice from such worthies as “Russian Mafia Boss” and “our Ukrainian brother Roman, a.k.a. Kulak”.

Dark Sentiments Season 13 — Day 8: Don’t Get Too Comfortable

| October 8, 2022

What does comfort mean to you? Never having to worry about money? A warm safe place to sleep? Somebody to look after you should you become sick or injured? A bed that’s not too soft, not too hard, but just right? What about the median thermal content of the porridge? Those are all very comforting […]

Dark Sentiments Season 13 — Day 7: A Song of Destiny

| October 7, 2022

“You’ve all probably noticed that there’s been a lot of talk about “climate change” in this year just winding down. If you missed it, or caught some of it but not enough to get the gist, essentially it appears “the world is coming to an end” again. “This isn’t one of those bang and it’s […]

Dark Sentiments Season 13 — Day 6: A Classic Sort of Gentleman

| October 6, 2022

Tonight’s Dark Sentimental ditty is inspired by some of the many wise words I’ve been privileged to hear spoken by my Esteemed Friend and Master At Arms James A. Keating, most particularly on the subject of charm schools. A Classic Sort of Gentleman (Based upon The Major-General’s Song from Gilbert and Sullivan’s 1879 comic opera […]

Dark Sentiments Season 13 — Day 4: Why Should Drag Queens Have a Monopoly on Story Hour?

| October 4, 2022

If you’ve been paying attention, use the public library, or have children in school, you will have somewhere, somehow, heard of Drag Queen Story Hour. “It’s just what it sounds like! Storytellers using the art of drag to read books to kids in libraries, schools, and bookstores. “DQSH captures the imagination and play of the […]

Dark Sentiments Season 13 — Day 2: Facing (away from) the Music

| October 2, 2022

Who among us hasn’t heard, diplomatically thought, or outright spoken some iteration of, “Do you have a point to make or are you just talking out your ass?” Spoiler alert: It will happen again, but not because of today’s revelations on the historical genre of demonically inspired ass music. This age postures in its conceit […]

Dark Sentiments Season 13 — Day 1: Seize the Day!

| October 1, 2022

(Mrs. LFM photo – Click to enlarge) ~ Trails ~ (excerpt) One trail may run both smooth and straight, Through vistas wide and clear, So most may choose that one before The branch that’s dark and drear. The one that weaves through gnarly woods, ‘Cross rivers needing fording, With promise of adventure laced And evils […]