Canada Day 2014

Posted By on July 1, 2014


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  1. Jay Heathman says:

    Wow! These are great. I HOPE that you have a National Wop May Day up there – what an inspiring and moving tale! Someone should make a movie of that! ( Now down here in the USA today, the schools would remove any mention of his role in the war, or guns, or other unpleasantness, and would probably insist that his partner be a transgendered organic pot farmer, and of course both men would be members of a labor union, but otherwise the story would be the same) Happy Canada Day to all.

  2. Randy L. Whynacht says:

    Thank you Jay. I'm glad you were entertained and, of course, that you now feel thoroughly educated about Canada! Sadly, we do not have a National Wop May Day here. Even sadder that what you describe as prevalent in the USA today is every bit as prevalent here. If the infection were not so wide spread, there might be a better shot at a cure. Ah well, we do what we can by speaking the Truth about True Heroism. All the best!

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