A Long Winter’s Night – Holiday Density

| December 22, 2012

“The worst gift is fruitcake. There is only one fruitcake in the entire world, and people keep sending it to each other.” ~ Johnny Carson Here in Canada, fruitcake is a staple of this season, less often eaten as a dessert than as a point in itself. Much maligned by its detractors, I feel a […]

A Long Winter’s Night 2012 – Another Winter

| December 21, 2012

  Beginning today and running up to include New Year’s Eve, this will be the first in an eleven part series of articles in which I will make personal observations on the season of Yule as I have come, and am still coming, to know it. With those words a year ago, I ended my […]

Worldly Wisdom Wednesday – Missed Points

| December 19, 2012

I ask why the definition of a good dog is often, “You can do anything to him.” That wouldn’t make any sense if phrased in terms of other relationships: “I have a really good wife. You can do anything to her.” Creepy! ~ Madeline Clark Gabriel The quotation above came from an excellent article titled […]

Monday Morning Musings On My Sunday Musings

| December 17, 2012

Yesterday I put out my observations and personal position on the predictable Hell in a handcart response to last week’s school attacks – in short, when evil incarnate stalks the land, blame the thing that’s in its hand. In a comment on that piece, Mrs. LFM posted a link to a Gawker.com article titled I Am […]

Sunday Musings on Problem Solving

| December 16, 2012

If your anger goes forth, withhold your sword; If your sword goes forth, withhold your anger. ~ swordsman’s axiom Last week’s tragic attacks on school children in the United States and China have been met with the predictable media frenzy and polarized posturing on both sides of the gun control demarcation line. It happens every […]

Worldly Wisdom Wednesday – Lost Knowledge

| December 12, 2012

The words “lost knowledge” conjure imaginings of arcane wisdom once known in antiquity, but that has disappeared from the ken of Man leaving the world a lesser place. Regrettably, this is not the case because, more often than not, knowledge isn’t so much lost as misplaced, and each year more time is spent by researchers […]

My New Favourite Irish Drinking Song

| December 12, 2012

Today’s Worldly Wisdom Wednesday has been delayed for special treatment thanks to late breaking events, so to give you something fun to do while you wait, I want you all to learn this song.

Kids, Dogs, and Selective Reportage

| December 10, 2012

This morning on the CBC News website I found an article with the title Cole Harbour child recovering after pit bull bite. Lest it gets the usual, all too common, retroactive CBC editorial treatment, I’ll supplement the direct link just provided by quoting the article in its entirety, as it appeared this morning: A four-year-old […]

Campfire Cologne

| December 8, 2012

If you spend more than five seconds next to a camp fire, you already smell better than anyone who hasn’t, and you’re painfully aware that you’re just your next shower away from ordinary. But fear not! Salvation is at hand, brought to you by Campfire Cologne. Serendipity brought this to my attention today. Priceless.

Worldly Wisdom Wednesday – The Positive Side of Conflict

| December 5, 2012

The strongest emotion I remember from every one of those trips was the overpowering sense of freedom that came over me the moment I felt my canoe leave the shore at the start. At that instant, nothing back in the so called “civilized” world mattered. Only the real things mattered, and if you’ve ever experienced […]