Worldly Wisdom Wednesday – Brought To You Today by the Coyotes of Nova Scotia

Posted By on August 8, 2012


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  1. Gary Carbone says:

    First of all, is that really a coyote in the photo? Are those a different species than the scraggly coyotes I’ve seen down here on the NE coast of the USA? I was thinking about this Way of the Wild a lot recently. Seems there is at least one big thing missing these days–there are no medicine men, shamans, etc., and where they do exist, they are not accepted or respected. Kids coming up nowadays never take a Vision Quest or risk-taking adventure into the spirit world. All answers are sought through the conventional channels of college, society, and (first and foremost) the confines of their personal desires. The great xingyiquan master Wang Jiwu stated that the will of most people was thin as paper. Don’t we all have to have a “dark night of the soul” or rather “nights” to find our Way?
    I know how I access or tap into my recognition of the Way of the Wild. I hope in the near future you will share some specific ways you do this, Randy. I would like to expand my awareness in this regard, and would value your words on this. Especially the outdoor stuff.

    • Randy says:

      Thank you Gary. The picture I used was from an article that is linked from its caption, specifically – I’m sure you’ll be interested in what that bit of writing has to say because it will answer all your present questions about Coyotes.

      Back in my flying days I was often driving the 80 odd miles from my home to the Halifax Airport in the early morning hours, routinely drawing nigh to my destination just as the dim light of dawn was making it possible to see well without headlights. Now and then I’d see a coyote either trotting along the roadside or tearing at a road killed animal, and I recall being amazed at how rangy and scraggly they all looked. What I saw then is nothing like what lives here now.. The writer of the article I cited makes some accusations that might explain how that came about, made all the more credible by the fact that Coyotes and assorted species of Wolves have coexisted in the same range for centuries, each keeping to its own, until what might be referred to as “recently”. Please read that and give me your own observations. You will be reading more on the subject here in the future.

      I’m glad to learn the Way of the Wild has made itself apparent in your waking life. And I completely agree with you. What we refer to as “modern society”, for want of a better term, routinely discards wholesale the validity of anything that doesn’t come with the stamp of approval of some officially sanctioned bestower of accreditation. It also persists in trying to compartmentalize what can’t be individuated because every piece of Nature needs every other. It exists in the conceit that a piece of the Earth can be controlled simply by building a barrier around it by way of a wall, a fence, a coating or permeation of poison, or a hatefully repellant noise – that Nature not only should, but MUST tolerate the establishment of “humans only” zones that are wherever and as big as we want them to be.

      The Shaman and the Medicine Man/Woman still exist, but much is hidden to the casual observer who hasn’t proven worthiness to learn beyond the simple satisfaction of curiosity. With your background, I think I’m preaching to the choir. I fully embrace the importance of that long dark night of the soul, and have personally pursued that as a vital development component in character building going back to a rather young age. For example, if you haven’t already, please read

      Lastly, you will be happy to know that my next installment of WWW will be the first to include instruction of a practical rather than philosophical or illustrative bent. Keep an eye out my Esteemed Friend!

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