Which Side of the Lock is the Safety On?

Posted By on March 2, 2013


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  1. Diana Whynacht says:

    It would be a grave mistake to invade THIS home…

  2. My family motto " Know thy self " Next to that " know thy sword".

  3. Gary Carbone says:

    Note to scary dangerous home invaders: Aren’t you sorry you did that?

    • Randy says:

      You know, I always envision my part in something like this as silent. There’s always too much talking in movies. The hero has to have a signature line. The last laugh. I’ll talk later. In the moment I’m about winning, and this is the wrong place to come looking for a fair fight.

  4. Gary Carbone says:

    Anybody remember Crazy Joe Davola on the Seinfeld show? When Elaine was dating him (thinking of breaking it off), she showed up at his apartment, and the door was wide open. When she asked why, he said: “I like to encourage burglars” or something like that. Crazy Joe Davola, my favorite character on the Seinfeld show………..

    • Randy says:

      Gary, I really never followed Seinfeld, but I’ve enjoyed some of the characters. When a Dog charges into a room here, or we see a person do that, we say he or she “Kramered” in. I also feel a kinship with the Soup Nazi.

      Now that you brought up Mr. Davola, I can’t believe I never heard of him before. I suppose though that this kind of thing is what Esteemed Friends are empowered to do, and many thanks!

      I plunged up some of his moments on YouTube and think it might be time to download that series for a watch from the beginning. I too have kiboshed before, and fully intend to do so again.

  5. Gary Carbone says:

    Hahaha, enjoy my Friend! Some of that stuff is a bit dated but some funny moments. Kinship with the Soup Nazi?!!!? That’s great, just great–I can kind of see your point………..

    • Randy says:

      On those occasions on which I fire a client, “NO SOUP FOR YOU!” never fails to come to mind.

  6. No one will know, Where you did go, You and your evil friend. My shovel's clean, No trace is seen, And my new rose blends right in,

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