Weihnachtsjäger School of Charm — Introductory Pontification

Posted By on January 1, 2024


2 Responses to “Weihnachtsjäger School of Charm — Introductory Pontification”

  1. el hansh says:

    Ah, the Charm of Competence. Well put and the development of a ‘tool;’ culture that is at once understood with both the tool and the ‘toolie’

    Few understand the necessity of using the tool to enhance one’s life rather than to cover up inadequacies of the use which inevitably ruins the perfection of the tool while not appreciating the need for mastery that the tool itself implies and gives of itself.


  2. Randy says:

    Thank you Goode Sir! I believe you will enjoy this new Charm School series, however charming you may already be.

    “One of the first precepts is that ‘The vessel must be worthy of what it is to contain’ – otherwise the experience is rather depleted and never has a chance to ‘set up’ – or properly cure over time into a true enlightenment.” ~ James A. Keating

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