The Sword and the Snowflake – Chapter the First

Posted By on November 1, 2010


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  1. Leroy Hearn says:

    Interesting. In the book “Silent Battle” ,I just read about a similar incident. Only the people saved included an Officer. However, the Germans discovered them. Not so good. Now I’m especially convinced that you’d like this book with such a personal connection. Leroy.

  2. Randy says:

    I have an appointment with that book Leroy. To be sure!

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  4. Kathy Zinck Lawrence says:

    Hi Randy
    Where can I find out more about your line of Zincks? I’m trying hard to find James anderson Zinck’s parents. James was born in about 1825 from what I’ve been told years ago. Thank you

  5. Randy says:


    Leave it with me a few days. I’ll give you some leads.


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