Safe Harbour Security – A Personal Review by an Almost Customer

Posted By on January 31, 2010


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  1. Peter Thompson says:

    Hi Randy

    I have known you for 15 years plus. I know that you cross and dot everything in detail where it comes to your clients. I love my mom and feel very secure for her having her system through your company Whynacht Security. She has had a number of incidents, with response time bar none. Never was there any concern due to typos or misinformation .

    In my opinion no company involved with the public safety should try to merge data bases that generate errors you have spoke of thus compromising client safety.
    Data base or data input errors could be one cause, I hate to think of another. Your action to secure the safety of your clients was the only thing to do. Your attention to contractual obligation makes me wonder as to the motive of the errors of this other party. What would a reasonable man conclude?


  2. Black Magic says:

    You made the right decision Randy with not merging the databases I agree with you on this one.

  3. Too True says:

    Wow, reading your story certainly brings back memories for me, although I can’t say that they were good ones.

    I also had promises of seamless integration from Sims to Manitou, but at the end of the day I just want my customer’s alarm calls handled properly. If a Central Station feels to upgrade their software, I would expect the same or better than what I was getting before. How can I ever forget the number of times that good old “outdated” Sims had to bail out the more “modern” Manitou? Sometimes it’s just true that if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.

    I remember the cases of lost customer information or sometimes calling in on the same emergency number my customers were using only to have phone reception coming from the other end that was about the quality of using a cell phone somewhere in the woods of Ecum Secum. To me it sounded like a VoIP service, whether or not it was, I have no idea. I remember being put on hold so long that I had to call back, or in some cases, having a completely different person come back on the line totally oblivious to who I was and why I called.

    It’s true as you say that customers ultimately hold their installing company responsible for the proper operation of their alarm and that includes the Central Station they use. If you as the dealer are having a problem, they expect you to fix it with no excuses.

  4. Diana says:

    Thank you for your comments, Too True. It reminded me of another point that always annoyed me – calling in to the central station and getting “Hello?” as an answer! HELLO?!?! I’ve called people who conduct their business from their living room with more professionalism than that!

  5. Randy says:

    Thank you Too True. Your experiences and mine share such a common thread that I’m wondering how many other poor bastards are out there whose companies never survived Safe Harbour’s “professional” approach to doing business. They expressed pleasure at the idea of absorbing my customers and even generously offered to broker a suspiciously cozy buyout with a large Halifax area security company that happens to be one of their larger accounts.

    Interestingly, that large account of theirs seemed happy with their service which begs the question – how were they keeping HIM that way?

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