On This Date in 1982

Posted By on February 9, 2011


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  1. Peter Thompson says:

    Diana Happy Birthday !
    Diana ,Randy ,Izabella ,you are all best friends .No truer sentiments could have been spoken. Randy anyone who really knows you knows the truth and love of your words . Izabella as I reflect on the discussions you and I have had in the past while reading your poem ,I do believe you have been gifted . You are too far away but still managed to hug the both of them . Salute!


  2. Troy says:

    Happy Birthday!!!

    As usual, I’m a teensy bit late, but the sentiment is always there. I hope your “Birth” day was a good one, and it’s been much too long since all of us have gotten together for a meal and wine!!!!! We should do just that sometime very soon to perhaps celebrate a belated-birthday!!


  3. Randy says:

    Agreed Troy. Agreed! It being an actual birthday celebration though, you get to pay for the wine.

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