Musings as Hallowe’en Approaches – Part the Second

Posted By on September 7, 2008


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  1. […] 1983 I started a security consulting company called Whynacht Security & Survival. In 1984 I moved to a house on Lincoln Street in Lunenburg, and the picture on the left shows me thanking the gang that helped me move. That same year, I […]

  2. Gary Carbone says:

    damn, I would have moved……….

  3. […] haunted house in Lunenburg that I have written about before in my 7 September 2008 article titled Musings as Hallowe’en Approaches – Part the Second. Aside from the door issue described in that article, I never had any Flagle experiences except for […]

  4. […] I sent was a link to my blog article chronicling my encounter with a spectral little girl in 1984. The same day he received it, Mr. […]

  5. […] poem is based on actual events that were earlier related in my piece titled Musings as Hallowe’en Approaches – Part the Second, published here on 7 September 2008.  On 20 September 2011, I also announced its inclusion in John […]

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