I’ve Been Dared

Posted By on September 13, 2012


4 Responses to “I’ve Been Dared”

  1. Laurie Lacey says:

    Hi Randy,

    By gawd, you did it! I didn’t “double DOG dare” you, because I didn’t think you’d need a double Dog dare, and you didn’t! 🙂

    In any event, that there fertility god is the spittin’ image of my great, great, great grandpappy, Patrick Lacey, rest his soul. I did a double-take…grandpappy Patrick used to wear his hair that way….

    • Randy says:

      You know Laurie, I’m not surprised to hear you had to do a double-take at that picture. It didn’t take much digging to find other historic references to Patrick Lacey and his legendary … hair.

  2. Silvia Jay says:

    Love the limerick and Diana’s reply.

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