Getting My Gear Off My Belt

Posted By on August 1, 2011


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  3. Lance says:

    Hi i would really love to make excatly what you have made here.when you say allthe other bits you have added to your shoulder holster from Tandy Leather. you refered to LFM products. i understand that the LFM is on fact you. so where can i purchase these other add ons you have made.
    as this has to be the best knife and acc holster i have seen….

    • Randy says:

      Thank you for your inquiry and your kind words Lance.

      While I do build my own leather gear, I’ve never offered it for sale, and really have no plans to. That having been said, I do plan to offer patterns for my designs for download here, as well as YouTube videos to support it all. If you can bear with me for a spell, I can at least offer you those options.

      All the best!


  4. James says:

    Randy your harness looks amazing I been searching all over online to purchase one but it’s hard to find, but gotta say love the work your done on it I practice sayoc kali and currently learning Bowie

    • Randy says:

      Thank you James.

      I’m pleased to tell you that the rig featured here is still going strong and and has been in daily use for nearly six years. In that time, the harness has been soaked through hundreds of times, both by rain from the outside, sweat from the inside, and regularly both simultaneously. It’s never needed repair and other than routine leather maintenance has been everything I hoped it would be.

      As is often the case with me, the affair was a prototype built to address my needs that was so close to the mark that it hit the field and never looked back. The only modifications since then happened early on due to the outcome of testing that saw me abandon the belt tie downs as unnecessary, and add a retaining strap to the Bowie scabbard for safety.

      Only this spring have I begun development of the Mk.2 version that will address a few VERY minor shortcomings and make some tweaks to accommodate personal evolution. Construction will begin next month and I will be offering patterns for download here to assist others who may either want to tackle it themselves, or take to a custom leather worker.

      Thanks again!

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