Death and the Child

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  1. El Hansh says:

    Well, tricky aspect of thought and life. Indeed, every one and every thing does ‘die’ however, it is a term that I don’t acknowledge. I don’t want to get into plebeian bs here but, the whole idea of ‘dying; is to me a complete falsehood, but then again, I haven’t died so I really can’t say what happens, which is why I sometimes tell others in preparation for their transition to keep in touch and if necessary ….


    From the celebration on the memorial service for Dollie Robinson
    Monday, March 19, 1984 at Brooklyn College by Stephen F. Kaufman,
    Small College class of 76.

    can never truly appreciate the passing of
    times notimelessness
    those that have gone before have not been
    able to fully finish the work that was
    begu n anduntil
    then we are never able to fully
    appreciate a death for someone
    that was no longer close but remember all
    that was done in
    retrospect with
    love dear dollie and call us collect

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