Dark Sentiments 2012 – Day 30: If You Didn’t Want It There, Why Did You Bring It?

Posted By on October 30, 2012


2 Responses to “Dark Sentiments 2012 – Day 30: If You Didn’t Want It There, Why Did You Bring It?”

  1. Gary Carbone says:

    Those questions about you being lonely in the back country, seems like a typical preconception. I hear this one a lot when teaching classes. Not so much in “martial art” classes, more in tai chi classes. Someone new will come in and question why I am showing tai chi as a martial art. Usually they will say something like “I am not into violence”, spitting the phrase out in the most passive/agressive tone imaginable. I usually reply something like this:
    “Why do you think that understanding how to use a martial art for the way it was intended is violence? Did I say or do something violent? Maybe the violence is in your mind?”

    I don’t want people like that in my classes anyway. I do teach a few classes for “seniors” where tai chi is presented strictly for balance, strength, etc. But in my normal classes, it is my duty and responsibility to teach the art the way I learned it, and the way it was shown to me. People do bring their own junk with them, then they want to dump it on you and everyone else!

    • Randy says:

      Truth! It’s an unfortunate fact that the least schooled in any subject have the most reflexively expressed opinions on it. You should hear what comes out of the mouths of people who find out we’re Dog trainers. Of course, in the other direction, it’s a seriously loaded issue to expound on the evils of certain breeds when we’re in hearing range. While we can be socially diplomatic, neither of us has ever practiced diplomacy professionally.

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