Dark Sentiments 2012 – Day 25: Going Postal

Posted By on October 25, 2012


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  1. I didn't know you were so talented Randy! Good work!

  2. Martin M says:

    Once again I must say that I am pleased to be dragged out and dusted off, at least as a not forgotten memory, during this the season of ” Dark Sentiments ” . As a regular LFM reader, and perhaps to some minor degree a co conspirator, or at least as one who appreciates the finer aspects of a perfect crime and disposal, I have once again enjoyed your unique interpretation of the pleasures and displeasures derived from ALL things. We must create an opportunity to share a bottle and discuss methodologies. ( Consider this a standing invitation for you and the lovely Mrs LFM ) I do sincerely hope that I come to mind again when your are delivering signed copies of the first publication of the compendium of ” Dark Sentiments”.

    All the best and keep posting

    Martin M.

    • Randy says:

      Martin, I believe a visit to discuss methodologies should not be too far off – particularly with the added thrill of tangling with Coyotes and Bears thrown into the mix! And as to that compendium, you’re in it, so you should have it.

  3. Silvia Jay says:

    Another one I absolutely loved and literally – and yes I mean literally, LOL.

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