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  1. Gary Carbone says:

    Great story and poem. I wonder what he tells his friends about the Man who stood before him?

  2. Val Oakley says:

    Randy, your poetry brings tears to my eyes.
    I was struck with the same sense of wonder on a hunting trip with my boyfriend and his father….
    many moons ago.
    so just as the rifle came to bear I stumbled and knocked against the father and the shot went wild, needless to say I was very unpopular that day as we went home without a kill.

    I hope Mr. Deer lived a long and fruitful life, I know I have.

  3. Leroy Hearn says:

    “And standing now, he took a step, then looked into my soul “…Ah, there’s the rub. Well done my friend. Thought provoking.

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  5. Hanshi says:

    Just reread this. Beautiful

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