Bullies and Their Vital Role in Education

Posted By on May 21, 2016


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  1. julian says:

    One of the finest things I have read in a while!!! As the late Chris Kyle and his mates often said, No matter what your Mom told you, sometimes violence IS the answer. Unlike you, i was small, partly from the asthma which still haunts me today after a respite of 30 years or so, and thus was often seen as fair game/ One of the few times that I lost it was when a kid about six inches taller and 30 pounds heavier than me would get his jollies by walking up behind me and kicking me behind the knee, causing me to fall and provide a moment of sport for him. The last time it happened was enjoyable. Construction men had been installing a new water fountain on the playground and they had used some one by four inch boards to frame in the cement foundations. After the lad did his thing and sent me toppling face down into the gravel of the playground, he went his way laughing, recess was over and he went to his class. I, on the other hand, took one of those four foot long boards and waited for him to get out of class. As he came up the stairway, I ( call me coward if you wish) stepped out behind him and applied the board repeatedly to his back and shoulders until he was writhing on the ground and making odd sounds, at which point some other kids pulled me off. Than God, or I would have kept up until his skull broke, i was in that berserker state of mind, unthinking, just given over to mindless frenzy. He did indeed leave me alone afterward but as in your case, nothing was ever said to me about it. So to anyone who would provoke a person for no reason – be the intended victim six feet tall or four feet tall – I would give this sage advice. No matter what your social justice professor tells you, there ARE no safe spaces.

    • Randy says:

      My good Friend Julian, your actions were anything but cowardly, but you already know that. No safe spaces indeed.

  2. When good men / women do nothing …..

  3. Bret Gould says:

    I applaud you sir. I experienced bullying but did not mature enough to fight back til later. I went on to work in law enforcement as the champion of the under dog, that little guy who could not fight back. I fully agree with you that violence does have a purpose applied timely and righteously. My only regret was that I did not get to give my bullies justice as you did to yours

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