Being in the Wild: The Original Control/Alt/Delete

Posted By on August 27, 2010


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  1. Diana says:

    I LOVE everything about this, from the title to the poem.

    An excellent example of why we are such a perfect fit for each other! There’s nothing better than being alone with you and our four-legged family, away from the world’s annoyances.


  2. Cyberstud says:

    very nice i think you nailed it! i would rather have a month in the wild with no one to deal with then a month in the office. but having kids kinda shortens it. i once sat on the side of a mountain watching the fog roll up and down as the sun rose. watching that thick blanket of white was extremely soul satisfying, and resetting

  3. Gary Carbone says:

    Nice. Really nice description of the feeling when taking off in the canoe. I have never taken a canoe trip but I have been out in the wild. Thanks for sharing this one.

  4. Tim Phillips says:

    Awesome !!!!!! I feel the same way. I am lonely in a crowd, but when in the woods I feel free & feel as if I am part of something bigger, than all of the crap going on in civilization.

  5. […] Posted By Randy on December 5, 2012 The strongest emotion I remember from every one of those trips was the overpowering sense of freedom that came over me the moment I felt my canoe leave the shore at the start. At that instant, nothing back in the so called “civilized” world mattered. Only the real things mattered, and if you’ve ever experienced what I’m talking about, or if you ever do, you’ll know the sensation without further explanation. I was free of everything artificial and responsible only to a much higher power. ~ Being in the Wild: The Original Control/Alt/Delete […]

  6. […] the end of August back in 2010, I published a piece here titled Being in the Wild: The Original Control/Alt/Delete. While I make no pretense that my meagre efforts are on a par with those of the worthy Albert […]

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