A Long Winter’s Night — 2020 Edition Day 2: Position

Posted By on December 22, 2020


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  1. h says:

    You mean things don’t generally work out the way you planned? Nonetheless, I am positioned to go and cone in perfect safety and without delay.Go and come in perfect safety and without delay; one of my best personal mantras. Use it all the time. Another is, My house is safe from strangers. That said, contrived position be damned

    • Randy says:

      Not exactly. Planning is essential to success but success in the endeavour will always be a negotiation with unfolding realities built upon the strength of Position at the outset and Commitment going forward.The properly positioned Man understands that every plan will meet with unknowns, and the unavoidably trickiest of these is the unknown unknown because no one can know what he doesn’t know. As you have quoted Musashi, “If you know something, you know something. If you do not know something, it does not exist in your world.”

      But what you don’t know you don’t know may soon come to be revealed as the action progresses.

      There is also that line attributed to Erwin Rommel — “No plan ever survives contact with the enemy.”

      In the end, and speaking for myself, things always go the way I planned because they spring from intended attainment of a desired end result and willingness to entertain risk. Not, “Where can we get from where we are now?” but rather, “Here’s where we are, and here’s where we need to be. How do we get there?” Everything in between is negotiable to one degree or another. It’s hard to argue with the river when it’s in flood and insists in getting in your way.

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