Workshop Series with Gary Carbone

I’ve written here before of my Esteemed Friend Gary Carbone, late of New Jersey but now a Man of the Catskills, and much entertainment and enlightenment may be had from reviewing that history of commentary here. Just yesterday I learned that beginning on Sunday, 26 March 2017, Gary will be offering a series of workshops […]

Dark Sentiments Season 8 — Day 5: Floodplains

“If you’ve ever lost someone who mattered, regardless of their species, you have experienced grief. If you haven’t so far, then you eventually will, because all relationships in Nature come with an expiry date. Neither good nor evil, it’s the way of things, and grief is the process Nature has given to some of her […]

Dark Sentiments 2015 – Day 11: Weighing Out the Tare

While the genesis of this poem was born of my own morning ablutions on a hot Summer morning this August past, I offer it today in honour of someone who mattered to someone who matters to me. I received an email from my Esteemed Friend Gary Carbone only this morning, enlightening me to the passing […]

The Muse

As I sit on the edge of this never made bed, Old guitar in my lap, a new tune in my head, There she stands in the doorway just brushing her hair. It’s my beautiful muse in her underwear. ~ The Muse ~ My Esteemed Friend Gary Carbone brought this wondrous ditty to my attention. […]

The Apprentice

In a recent telephone conversation with my Esteemed Friend Gary Carbone, we spoke of matters that included the taking on of students, and the choosing of training partners. Specifically, the filtering of those who truly want to know from those who simply want to look as though they do, and how one may come to […]

A Long Winter’s Night – Hunter’s Soul

The cool breath of autumn that arrives here in Nova Scotia sporadically in September, always makes me want to go hunting, and the drive gets stronger as the onset of Winter makes its presence known. Whether or not I plan to go afield with  intentions to take game, I find myself called to go and […]

Worldly Wisdom Wednesday – The Positive Side of Conflict

The strongest emotion I remember from every one of those trips was the overpowering sense of freedom that came over me the moment I felt my canoe leave the shore at the start. At that instant, nothing back in the so called “civilized” world mattered. Only the real things mattered, and if you’ve ever experienced […]

Welcome to the Jungle

Roads go ever ever on, Over rock and under tree, By caves where never sun has shone, By streams that never find the sea; Over snow by winter sown, And through the merry flowers of June, Over grass and over stone, And under mountains of the moon. ~ The Hobbit ~ My 24 June 2012 […]

Who Needs a Title With an Intro Like That?

If you’ve gotten far enough to read this after Mrs. LFM’s title photo, and if you believe the hype, the year just ended will also mark the end of the calendar printing industry because 2012 is it. Well, Mrs. LFM and I have appointments the day after Armageddon so that shit’s not on for us. […]