Dark Sentiments 2011 – Day 21: The Intention to Live

| October 21, 2011

There were supposed to be two zombie inspired articles here this year, but thanks to the late breaking news of Lindsay Lohan’s zombification, we all got stuck with one extra. Tonight though, the coast is clear (I know because I’m almost literally sitting on it) and we can proceed with the way things were supposed […]

Dark Sentiments 2011 – Day 20: A Recent Zombification

| October 20, 2011

Yesterday we looked at zombies and zombification – the dark art of creating a zombie. Part of that was the bizarre tale of Clairvius Narcisse who turned up alive 18 years after his “death” with reports of his zombification, 2 years enslaved as a zombie, his escape, and 16 years trying to find his way […]

Dark Sentiments 2011 – Day 19: The Zombie Apocalypse

| October 19, 2011

“I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” ~ Albert Einstein ~ Apocalyptic events come in many flavours. For example, back in the 50’s and 60’s it was nuclear war that held the spotlight, and thus was born an […]

Dark Sentiments 2011 – Day 18: Peter Kagan and the Wind

| October 18, 2011

On Day 28 of last year’s series I explored True Love as a Dark Sentiment. Today, somewhat in that vein but more than a little laced with melancholy, I’m going to expose you to a haunting tale titled Peter Kagan and the Wind written by the multi-talented Gordon Bok, and that only first came to […]

Dark Sentiments 2011 – Day 17: Still More Cannibalism

| October 17, 2011

If you just slid into Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, or any city in the world for your very first time, would you agree to go touring alone with someone you had only just met? If you have a death wish don’t bother to answer that, but most people wouldn’t. Yet every year people in search […]

Dark Sentiments 2011 – Day 16: The Duel

| October 16, 2011

The Duel By LFM Two men went out to fight one day, A grave insult to fix. Too wroth to even fetch their swords, They settled it with sticks. Their battle raged throughout the day, So bent on settled scores, Their weary seconds pubward went, And spent three hours with whores. Returning, as they crested […]

Dark Sentiments 2011 – Day 15: The Taxidermy of Juan Cabana

| October 15, 2011

Mark Twain wrote, “When I was younger, I could remember anything, whether it had happened or not. But my faculties are decaying now, and soon I shall be so that I cannot remember any but the things that never happened. It is sad to go to pieces like this, but we all have to do […]

Dark Sentiments 2011 – Day 14: Now You See It, Now You Don’t

| October 14, 2011

In his About.com article on the subject of disappearing objects, paranormal phenomenon investigator Stephen Wagner does a thorough job of cataloguing the various possible explanations for a type of occurrence we’ve all experienced – something disappears and then later returns not only to the exact place we remember putting it, but most maddenly of all, […]

Dark Sentiments 2011 – Day 13: A Study in Consensual Cannibalism

| October 13, 2011

While Mrs. LFM and I have enjoyed their products, Canadian winery Sola-Nero for a time had a subtly unfortunate slogan emblazoned on their label – “GOES WELL WITH PEOPLE”. On this thirteenth day of dark sentiments we’re going to delve into one of the darkest of all – cannibalism. Most particularly, we’ll eschew the subject […]

Dark Sentiments 2011 – Day 12: The Art of Ray Villafane

| October 12, 2011

Dark Sentiments 2010 included a profile of the work of incredibly gifted sculptor Ray Villafane. Famous for his artistry in pumpkin carving which I focused on last year, he began sculpting professionally in the field of toys and statues based on comic book heroes, and since 2008 has been working his magic at sand sculpture.