Musings as Hallowe’en Approaches

| September 6, 2008

“Like one, that on a lonesome road, Doth walk in fear and dread, And having once turned round walks on, And turns no more his head; Because he knows a frightful fiend Doth close behind him tread.” ~ The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Samuel Taylor Coleridge ~ I attended elementary school at Lunenburg Academy, […]

ATM Security Issues

| September 6, 2008

A familiar situation; turn your back on the world while you access your cash. For good measure, maybe stick some ear buds in your head and obliterate all background noise with some non-stop “feel good” music. A few years ago I was quaffing some ales with a group of my cop friends when the conversation […]

One of My Dogs Had a Hate on for Robert Mitchum – Tiny Strikes Again !

| September 5, 2008

Robert Mitchum in the role of Raymond Chandler’s fictional private detective Philip Marlowe. Tiny hated him in that part too! I discovered an interesting phenomenon one day while watching “The Yakuza”, a 1974 film directed by Sydney Pollack starring American actor Robert Mitchum as a detective who has come to Japan to rescue a friend’s […]

A Tiny Tale

| September 5, 2008

Diana holds Tiny, the canine cannon ball, during the little gaffer’s “Welcome to Canada” party. Back in 2000, I was in Florida on business and ended up rescuing a little ragamuffin toy poodle puppy named Tiny. Because I was traveling on business, I flew there and back in uniform. This was before we transitioned to […]

It’s Pissing Me Off

| September 4, 2008

Eats, Shoots & Leaves, The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation by Lynne Truss should be required reading in every school system that claims to teach English. Words can be misspelled in a sentence without losing your meaning. The ability to read “typo” is a vital skill, and we all forgive it when we encounter it. […]

After Action Report

| September 3, 2008

There’s an old saying: “Some days you get the bear, some days the bear gets you.” On 12 August 2007, the “Vancouver Sun” posted this story on their website under the heading, “Port Moody kayaker fights off starving, predatory wolf“. As a wilderness survival instructor, and bush traveller of no small experience, I read this […]

New Hampshire is NOT a Canadian Hoax

| September 2, 2008

Back in early 2001, in those blissfully dippy days when Canada and the US still bragged about sharing “the world’s longest undefended border”, and the September 11th suicide highjackers were busy being thrown out of flight school after flight school because they kept insisting that they didn’t want to learn how to actually land the […]

This Website: Underlying Causes and Symptoms

| September 2, 2008

This website is an outlet for a man, blessed by The Gods and disdainful of the clods. It’s the lectern of one who, like some hoary old primate in a tree, has finally reached that level of enlightenment from which he feels unapologetically compelled to fling turds of wisdom upon all who pass by. Each […]