Sunday Musings on Problem Solving

Posted By on December 16, 2012


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  1. Tim Phillips says:

    Bravo! excellent message, my friend!

  2. Diana Whynacht says:

    "I am simply a creature of Nature, vigilant to avoid conflict, but willing to fight to the end."

    Guns are not the problem here. Mental illness is, and the lack of treatment options available. These people show warning signs from miles away, yet nobody does anything!
    Guns are such an easy scapegoat. Only idiots wouldn't support making them illegal, right? WRONG. That is such a short-sighted, simple-minded view. The problem is MUCH bigger than guns. What will be blamed when, instead of killing a handful of people with guns, the next guy gears himself up a suicide bomb and takes out half a block? Or drives a truck through a full daycare, running over as many children as possible? Most of these mentally ill people are described as "geniuses". Do you think they won't be able to figure out another way to take out as many people as possible by other means?

    What we NEED is a way of dealing with people like these that doesn't involve sending them to prison. A way to help their parents, who have often reached out for help and not received any. Mental illness that manifests in violence is a huge and very common problem, and parents need help and support in dealing with it.

    THAT is what we should be focusing on. Not the weapon of choice.

    • Joe Weagle says:

      I bet i could take out more people with a knife then with a gun.
      BANG people run.
      knifing sound, nobody hears it

    • Lee E Fraser says:

      Well said Diana Whynacht, unless society nails the root cause , there will never be an answer and the world will never know true peace. So sad that simple minded professionals educated to focus on the root cause can some how try and brainwash the common person with a quick "I told you so " solution aimed at the most obvious while ignoring the real weakness of such illness. God Bless us all..

  3. Well done. a car, chain saw, drill, stake, rock, hair pin, bottle , knife, gun , etc…. are inanimate objects and can do nothing by themselves.Society seems to be set on making itself safe from itself.The earth has laws, take gravity , you can't restrict it , or prohibit it.When it is used be an evil or sick human it kills better than the rest.
    What about a plane crash that kills 200 – 300 people at a time due to a missing bolt?
    Society rationalizes what is acceptable. A Quick fix just gives a false sense of security.With 7 billion on the plant and counting , there are going to bad ones.

  4. Silvia Jay says:

    I abhor firearms, but get why someone wants to possess a gun for distance killing animals for food. It behooves me, though, why someone needs to be in possession of an assault rifle.
    That said, I agree that gun control isn’t the root cause, or for that matter, that there is any one root cause. Blaming mental illness alone isn’t it, because not all mentally ill people kill children just like not every person who owns guns does. There are deeper issues here: the glorification of heroism in so many aspects of a young person’s world – movies, video games boys play and see their elders play in lieu of rites and examples of real manhood.
    The disconnect from the real world and disconnect from elders when kids are raised by peers in daycare settings. I see so many people on their cell phones while they walk the dog or push a stroller, instead of interacting with the ones they’re with.
    The lack of empathy.
    The lack of opportunities and purpose.
    Attention, including media attention, given to whoever messes up the most.
    So, unless there is a societal shift, tragedies like that will happen again.

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  7. Hanshi says:

    Your statement is right to the point. The attendant comments, pro or con, are sincere no doubt` but I think the most significant issue to be dealt with would be a complete paradigm shift in consciousness beginning at the earliest level of education presided over by unbiased proctors.. In the meantime, the position of the rabbit illustrates reality at its ultimate level of survival.and without giving it a second thought the need to protect family, life, and limb certainly takes precedence over any intellectual positioning.

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