Lethal Expectations

Posted By on November 30, 2014


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  1. Jay Heathman says:

    very well stated! Clear, succinct and – for those with an IQ above room temperature – inarguable. It is my belief that the vast majority of cops are not sociopaths who smile at the thought of killing a human being! Yes there are bad cops, like anything else, but this guy was obviously not like that. I was also irked by the continuing media trick of showing photos of Brown when he was apparently ten years old, as they did with the thug Trayvon. They don't show a photo of the cop when HE was ten years old, playing in his room or riding a bike! How slimy can 'media' get when they resort to this kind of bravo sierra? the only step further would be a Photoshop of the officer with Joker makeup, fangs, a demonic leer and blood covering his uniform as he danced on the corpse. And frankly I would bet that that idea crossed someone's mind as well.

  2. Bob Garcia says:

    Every coin has two sides. Eye witness testimony has to be questioned in light of the physical evidence and verified as to the validity.

  3. Randy L. Whynacht says:

    Agreed, and hence my statement, "After all is said and done, straining the testimony of enough witnesses through the sieve of rigour may permit identification of something everybody agrees on, and that fits – or at least is not contradicted by – physical evidence found at the scene."

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