Worldly Wisdom Wednesday – Death and the Modern Warrior

Posted By on November 7, 2012


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  1. Randy,

    Well put and succinct blog post. Being a Warrior in this time or in the past was and will always be more than killing. If you have to kill then either a lot of things went wrong or you did or didn’t do the actions needed to head off the final solution.

    As you have stated there are many deaths and most go through these without even realizing it until it is too late to change.



  2. Is the conflict worth the price of death? Is it worth the possible injury to fight? Those who know the Spirit of the Thing know all things are the universe, so for the universal warrior, to strike anyone is to strike an aspect of himself. Thought and speech are martial art as well. Does the warrior strike himself down by ritual suicide during internal conflict? No, he does not. The true warrior explores every avenue to peace until all paths are exhausted, reacting to the energy that threatens him in equal measure. But if the warrior is forced into aggressive negotiations, he will strike whole heartedly with great resolve. Shoot first and ask questions later, is the opposite of the true way of the warrior. Best to stay in the question. Great post Randy! And much gratitude to Hanshi Kaufman!

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