Dark Sentiments Season 8 — Day 13: Dans le Noir?

Posted By on October 13, 2017


2 Responses to “Dark Sentiments Season 8 — Day 13: Dans le Noir?”

  1. El Hansh says:

    Fascinating! I had a similar experience in Jerusalem a few years back, though not Dans le Noir. The lack of light gave me a sense of another reality for sure. Having to completely trust in ‘strangers’ illuminated (no pun intended) a strange sense of awareness that was difficult at best to deal with having entered through the ‘shock’ mode, even though the idea of sight was only temporary.
    Perhaps You, I, and the Lady LFM, may one day travel to Nice or Auckland (of all places.)

    Also, I am impressed with the humanitarian philosophy of enlightening Africa


    • Randy says:

      Thank you for your observations Steve. This is exactly what I’m looking for — field reports from those competent correspondents who have “seen the elephant”, or would have if the lights had been on.

      Of all places indeed! Although I suppose Auckland is as good a place as any for a shot in the dark.

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