The Goode Fyght — Chapter the Third

Posted By on April 15, 2017


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  1. kermit blum says:

    Well, it’s true enough that we treated girls as defective and unfixable boys probably since the advent of agriculture. Now some are trying to fix that, but we’re in uncharted territory. Besides having no road maps, circumstances are changing with each generation. I’m not sure what the answer is; it’s clearly not letting timid bureaucrats set the policies.

    I grew up fighting and climbing and doing dangerous stunts. How else would I learn the limits of what I can do? We’ve all seen YouTube videos of adolescent boys riding bikes off roofs and such. They’re doing that because they weren’t allowed to test themselves earlier. If you haven’t the opportunity to climb trees when you’re five, or fight when you’re eight, you won’t have any clue what you’re capable of when you’re sixteen.

    But when I was getting in fights, seeing if I could swim across that lake (only one way to find out, right?), riding my bike downhill through the woods, and so on, my future wife in high school was being told that as a girl it didn’t make sense for her to take the advanced math classes. I later met her in the military. She got her degree in psychobiology, taught computer programming, and when she retired last year she had been teaching computer skills to inmates in prison.

    Our daughter (math degree), a soccer mom friend of the family (mid-level programming manager), and I just finished a 90 minute session of Filipino-based knife training. Not for most girls, but not for all boys either. Now I’ve had a nap, think I’ll go out in the garden and poke at the petunias.

    I don’t know what the answer is, but it’s not what it is, and not what it was, either.

    • Randy says:

      Many thanks Kermit. I’m going to quote you in an upcoming episode.

      “I don’t know what the answer is, but it’s not what it is, and not what it was, either.” That’s gold right there.

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