Dark Sentiments 2015 – Day 5: Thomas the Zanti Tank Engine

Posted By on October 5, 2015


6 Responses to “Dark Sentiments 2015 – Day 5: Thomas the Zanti Tank Engine”

  1. Gary Carbone says:

    I'd scream too, if a train wielding giant was chasing me. Pretty soon he will parry with that back cut, beware!

  2. Gary Carbone says:

    I meant riposte with back cut….

  3. Gary Carbone says:

    Just thinking, back cut could be a parry and riposte at the same time. Am I correct?

  4. If delivered under those circumstances, it would be a "stop hit". Some styles have other names for the same concept, but in its simplest configuration, if the opponent's attack is evaded as you deliver your counter blow – a situation in which a back cut might be brought to bear – that's a stop hit in my nomenclature.

  5. Steve says:

    Amazing Goode Fellowe how you are able to correlate Thomas the Engine with creatures such as depicted. I actually watched it. Egads. 1963. Notice how the Zantis sent their misfits to the US for us to quell their own misfortune. Things never change and on the other hand I must comment that they were probably after the chick. LOL.

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