A Few Nights Ago in Dartmouth

Posted By on December 4, 2015


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  1. Jay Heathman says:

    Great article and glad your vigilance ( both of you) prevented any escalation. Although I will occasionally stop when I see a guy in the daytime holding one of those signs- like standing beside a car which he apparently lives in, or whatever – if someone approaches me, I remember the words of James Williams sensei: If a stranger approaches you, the answer is always no – whatever they want to ask, before they ask the question, look them in the eye and say no. I have only – thankfully – ever had to show either my blade or my pistol to people of bad intent. Last one was two guys approaching my car while I was in a parking lot, still in the car. One started toward the passenger side the other came to my window, and when he was within about three feet he saw the .357 muzzle pointed at his chest. Told him that if his friend got any closer to my car, he would pay the price. They backtracked and left the parking lot quietly. Predators of the two legged ilk become a bit confused when they are suddenly confronted with empty eyes and a lethal weapon. You did well, and your wife is awesome! As an old geezer from the Southern swamps, I am proud of you both!

    Oh, and I recall also when Master Keating was relating his story about Mowgli speaking to Shera Khan… "Now I have a tooth, too!"

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