Dark Sentiments Season 8 — Day 3: Of Mini-miracles, Odd Synchronicities, and Sublime Messages

“Spirit Messengers. The term conjures images of animals sent by a higher power to offer guidance toward the right Path. A Google search will turn up reams of pages identifying the characteristics of each creature, along with its “meaning” should it choose to make itself seen to you under a variety of circumstances. “As with […]

The Point of it All

I first met feisty grappler Lukas William Whynacht, second in line to the Chieftainship of Clan LFM, two years ago today, under joyous although more formal and less than relaxing conditions where neither a Man nor his Wife could order a decent drink to toast a bairn’s arrival. It’s also Father’s Day, Goode Reader, as […]

A Long Winter’s Night 2016 – Day 6: The Best of Yourself

“Think of your death now. It is at arm’s length. It may tap you any moment, so really you have no time for crappy thoughts and moods. None of us have time for that. The only thing that counts is action, acting instead of talking. “Our death is waiting and this very act we’re performing […]

Dark Sentiments Season 7 – Day 15: The Traditional and the Tribal

“The way Nature sees it, stress is the motivator for an organism to do something to relieve it. If you’re hungry, find something to eat and eat it. Thirsty? Find water. Too cold? Seek warmth. Too hot? Seek shade or some other method of mitigation. Tired? Find a way to get some rest. Sexually aroused? […]

More Enjoy Fencing!

“Sport Fencing”, will frequently be the inroad for many in pursuit of a broader exploration of the Blade Arts. While in its development it has veered decidedly toward being an athletic pursuit more than a combative one, Sport Fencing undeniably imbues the serious practitioner with a sound grasp of footwork, timing, distance, quickness of wit, […]

Dark Sentiments 2015 – Day 12: Tooth and Claw

When in this world’s unpleasing youth       Our godlike race began, The longest arm, the sharpest tooth,       Gave man control of man …. ~ Rudyard Kipling, The Benefactors While I will stop short of joining the Esteemed Mr. Kipling in granting the Human species the epithet “godlike”, I admit to absorbing no […]

Support Your Local Master At Arms!

Those of you who, like me, usually start the day with a visit to Master At Arms James A. Keating‘s Ezine MAAJAK World will have noticed that the last update was a week ago today. Knowing Jim lives in the mountains where power, internet access, telephone, and even traversable roads can be an iffy proposition […]

Dark Sentiments 2014 – Day 31: All Hallows Eve

Throughout this series I’ve applied the title of  “dark sentiment” to a variety of emotions, events, human acts, portrayals, and situations. Tonight we’ll talk about the darkest sentiment of all – True Love. True Love is the darkest of sentiments both because it has the power to motivate those blessed enough to be possessed by […]

Dark Sentiments 2014 – Day 19: A Few Words from Terence Hanbury White

The world is at war. With everything. The world of humans strives for unbridled growth, and in so doing either sheds all care, or cooks up justifications for its extravagance, to the peril of everything that isn’t us. Religion is still being used as a reason to kill everyone else who doesn’t belong to “the […]

Dark Sentiments 2014 – Day 17: A Question of Intention and a Matter of Degree

Murder by poison has a long dark history. For example, whether historically accurate or cooked up by rivals, the Borgia family name is indelibly stained with it. Poison is less used today for killing things that walk on two legs for reasons well presented by Esther Inglis-Arkell in her article The Deadliest Poisons in History […]